Takako Minekawa & Ippei Matsui - Untitled


“Untitled” is a collaboration between Takako Minekawa and Ippei Matsui, created and released on the occasion of Ippei Matsui’s 2019 exhibition “HOLY VISITOR” held at NO.12 Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.

The approach to “Untitled” is that of a diary - shared between Takako’s intimate musical pieces culled from daily experiences, documented between October and December 2018 - alongside pieces of original painted and silkscreened art by Ippei, each with their own individual qualities for the viewer to connect with as a snapshot of the creative process as well as a beautiful intricate momentary work to cherish. In this way, both artists’ contributions to the work contain the essence of shasei (写生), or a momentary sketch of life - presented as a personal snapshot musically and visually, as if an entry in a diary. We are absolutely delighted to help distribute this collaborative work, presented in a very limited quantity, by two artists whom we respect dearly.

Each purchase contains one 3.5” x 3.5” piece of original painted and silkscreened artwork by Ippei Matsui, coupled with a digital download code to access six new and original compositions by Takako Minekawa.

As each artwork is unique, please choose the work that you would like (located in “Additional Info +” below) and make sure that the specific piece corresponds to the one in your cart! Thank you.



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